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Probodhan ALL PP Heavy Duty Capacitors
Probodhan all polypropylene Capacitors are proven products of seva Engineering Works Pvt.
  Ltd. Low operating stresses, lower temperature rise and lower losses make them superior to
  any other type of capacitor. Absence of paper reduce the chances of gas formation, bulging
  and bursting. This makes All PP capacitors almost fire proof. These capacitors are best suited
  for systems which have high and frequent voltage fluctuations and harmonics caused due to
  diodes, thyristors and other non-linear loads. That is why in industrial applications All PP
  capacitors are fast replacing other types of capacitors. The manufacturing plant is located a
  located a Saswad, District Pune and is equipped with latest modern machinery required to
  manufacture and test capacitors of the highest quality.
Product Highlights
We are having ISI mark upto & including 25 KVAR single unit and 100 KVAR capacitors banks
  for both the designs at 415 & 440 V.A.C.
The testing facilities setup.
At our works includes all the testing equipment and instruments required for testing of
  capacitors as per the latest IS and IEC standards.
The best available raw – materials are procured from world renowned manufactures
  Our capacitors are tested at reputed electrical laboratories like ERDA Baroda and CPRI
  Banglore and have passed all the tests.
Probodhan Capacitors are regularly supplied to all Government, Semi-government, Public
  sector undertaking companies, private industries, water chemical projects and they are in
  satisfactory operation.
Probodhan ALL PP Heavy Duty Capacitors
Probodhan All PP Capacitors consist of number of basic elements which are manufactured by
  winding two layer of aluminium foil interleaved by a bi-axially oriented thick polypropylene
  film. Internal fuses are provided with each element. The winding is carried out in an air-
  conditioned room equipped with special filters to provide dust free atmosphere. Elements thus
  manufactured are connected in delta with series parallel combination wherever required. The
  complete unit is enclosed in C.R.C.A container & three terminals are bought out through
  suitable bushings. Capacitors are put under vacuum drying & then impregnanted with N-PCB
Probodhan ALL PP Heavy Duty Capacitors - Advantages
1] They are preferable on networks where the voltage fluctuation are wide and night time voltage
  rises considerably.
2] They are preferable in installation where current and voltage surges are present due to the
  nature of machinery used.
3] They are preferable near generators, bus ducts, hazardous areas, etc, They are suitable in
  APFC panels also.
4] They are ideal where loner trouble free operations with lowest possible losses are expected.
Probodhan ALL PP Heavy Duty Capacitors - PROBODHAN Capacitors bank of 50 KVAr
1] Also supplied in higher ratings
2] As per the client’s requirements.
 * LP- List Price inclusive of excise duty but exclusive of sales tax or any other taxes.
For Improved power quality and reduction in energy costs. Top  
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