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Construction - " PHY GUARD "
PHY-GUARD uses all latest concept of technology to offer a highly sophisticated yet simple
  solution to all power factor related problems and can be effectively used for centralized and/or
  individual protection of installations. Based on the concept of modularity enhancement,
  reduction and/or adjustments of modular racks becomes really simple for even semi skilled
  personnel’s also.
Command Module - " PHY-GUARD " [ Product Preview ]
This works as a master of the entire panel constantly
checking its mains operating parameters such as overload
and short circuit faults by using suitable MCCB.
Microprocessor based APFC relay offers intelligent energy
management with its unique features like self test Mode,
Hi-Lo settings, manual mode, PF display etc.
Command Module
Modular Rack - " PHY-GUARD " [ Product Preview ]
This consists of capacitors upto 70 KVAR, Switching
Contractors and rack protection HRC fuse links. To arrive
at the proper rating of panel appropriate number of racks
are assembled. Capacitors used are single phase, self-help
type, low loss, filled with suitable capacitor grade epoxy &
housed in aluminum cans.
Modular Rack
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For Improved power quality and reduction in energy costs. Top  
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