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Most of the commercial and Industrial installations in the country have large electrical loads
  which are severely inductive in nature, such as motors, large machines, air conditioners,
  drivers etc. Which results in a severely lagging power factor. This means loss and wastage
  of energy and heavy penalties by electricity boards. In case of fixed loads this can be taken
  care by manual switching of capacitors.
  However in case of rapidly varying and scattered loads it becomes difficult to maintain a high
  power factor by manually switching on/off the capacitors in proportion to variation of load
  within an installation. This drawback is overcome by using an APFC panel (Automatic Power
  Factor Correction Panel) which not only maintains a high power factor but also eliminates the
  eliminates the need for constant manual intervention.
  The ratio of Active Power to Apparent Power is called Power Factor (PC) :
Power Factor = Active Power = KW
    Apparent Power   KVA
Advantages - " PHY-GUARD "
1] Economical with faster payback periods.
2] Ability to maintain a constant high power factor.
3] Eliminates low power factor penalties levied by EB.
4] Reduces the KVA demand charges.
5] Improves efficiency of the system by reducing losses.
6] Prevents leading power factor in the installation during low load conditions.
Salient Features - " PHY-GUARD "
1] Designed with the concept of modularity which allows upgrading of KVAR rating as when
2] Incomer MCCB for connection to the mains.
3] Advanced microprocessor based relay used to ensure real time power factor correction in the
4] Current limiting contractors specially designed for capacitor switch.
5] HRC fuses for rack protection.
6] Specifically designed, user friendly and dust & vermin proof modules.
7] Flush mounted meters to indicate line voltage and current.
8] Provision of incomer cable from top and bottom.
9] Efficient performance trans air exhaust fan for cooling.
10] Low loss single phase MPP capacitors housed in aluminum cans.
11] Also low loss three phase APP capacitors housed in CRCA cans.
12] Wide range of rating with standard devices for faster deliveries.
 * LP- List Price inclusive of excise duty but exclusive of sales tax or any other taxes.
For Improved power quality and reduction in energy costs. Top  
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