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PARAG - Online (DOL) Starters    
PARAG DOL Starteris protection for Motors and all the features for protection are provided in
  PARAG DOL starter for trouble free service.
PARAG - Online (DOL) Starters - Silent Features   [Product Preview]
Compact size.
Sturdy and robust construction.
Easy dismantling for servicing.
High Mechanical / Electrical life.
Built – in self – reinforcing type PUSH TO START contact.
Confirmity to Indian / International standards.
Machine would coil 220/440 V.
No humming or chattering.
Large space forcabling.
Trouble free service.
Dependable and reliable.
  Parag Direct Online DOL Starters
PARAG - Online (DOL) Starters - Contactor   [Product Preview]
The Contactor in PARAG make DOL starter is designed for
  exceptional endurance. The coil is tropicalized and
  subjected to rigorous tests for continuity, pick-up and
  drop-off. It also acts as under voltage release,
  disconnecting the supply to the motor when voltage is
  Can be fitted with two auxiliary contact and lock of 1 no.
  + 1 NC each for indication lamps sequence interlocks and
  other pilot circuits.
  Parag Direct Online DOL Starters
PARAG - Online (DOL) Starters - Push Buttons    
The START / STOP push buttons are designed for convenient operation. The STOP push button
  can be latched in the OFF position to prevent accidental starting.
PARAG - Online (DOL) Starters - Themal Overload Relay    
The Thermal overload relay in a motor starter protects the motor against overload and
  resulting burnouts. The relay can be manually reset by just pressing the STOP button. The
  Relays are ambient temperature compensated operation between 5 deg. C and 60 deg. C.
 * LP- List Price inclusive of excise duty but exclusive of sales tax or any other taxes.
For Improved power quality and reduction in energy costs. Top  
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