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3 PHASE ENERGY METER   [Product Preview]
Latest Micro Controller based technology.  
Programmable CT ratio.  
Direct operation up to 30A (without external CT).  
Isolated pulse output for interface to PLC /DCS etc.  
Error indication for faulty/reverse connections or load less  
  than 5% of full load in one or more phases.  
True RMS calculation.  
Direct read out without multiplication factor.  
Flashing log LED to indicate proper recording of energy  
  Mains LED to indicate presence of aux.  
Supply for operation of the meter.  
RS485 isolated interface with modbus protocol.  
Display /Various models options: -  
A] Single source KWh Phasetrac – 6 digit non resettable, tamper proof mechanical counter.
B] Single source KWh Phasetrac –6 digit 0.35 Ultra bright 7 segment Led Display, resettable
  through Password.
C] Dual Source KWh Phasetrac – 6 digit ultra bright 7 segment LED display, capable of registering
  energy consumption separately from two independent sources [ EB / Source –I & Generator /
  Source - II ].
Unique Energy Scan Software provides complete data logging with date and time. Data is
  stored in files. which can be analyzed to understand consumption patterns and the exact
  attribution of energy cost to the product. It can also be used fro billing in sub-metering
 * LP- List Price inclusive of excise duty but exclusive of sales tax or any other taxes.
For Improved power quality and reduction in energy costs. Top  
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