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Javic Power Capacitor    
For making a reliable Metallised Polypropylene Capacitor, we have got most advanced and
  sophisticated machineries. Winging Department is equipped with a “METER” a swiss-make
  totally Automatic Winging Machine. Ultra modern electro-pneumatic controls of the winding
  machine delivers best possible windings in M.P.P.
Most Compact, Accurate, Zero defect International grade windings are made available for
  further processing. End Metallisation spray equipment is also Automatic, resulting in metal
  deposit of very fine particle size of adequate thickness uniformly sprayed. Modern automatic
  and semiautomatic equipments are used for stage inspection and quality assurance.
  Impregnation of the capacitor is done with the help of pretreated Non-Toxic friendly
  impregnant in a Vacuum Impregnation chamber at a very high level of Vacuum.
  Final capacitors are tested as per IS 13340, 13341:1993 specifications (as amended up to
  date) with the help of very accurate testing equipments. Our manufacturing range includes
All PP, 36/72/108 MFD and other MFD condensers. We also undertake manufacture of
  capacitors of single phase and special voltage application.
 * LP- List Price inclusive of excise duty but exclusive of sales tax or any other taxes.
For Improved power quality and reduction in energy costs. Top  
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