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Javic All PP Capacitors [Product View]    
Oil Filled Power Factor Improvement Oil Filled Power Factor Improvement
Javic All PP Capacitors    
  All rush Capacitors have been developed to overcome the limitations of MPP Capacitors.
  1] In rush current due to frequent Switching .
  2] Current handing Capacity, because of presence of Harmonics in the Electrical Systems.
  Development in modem technology have led to a significant increase in the number of
  thyristor & converter fed loads & D.C Drives . Unfortunately the said equipments have
  undesirable Effects on the incoming AC supply. Drawing appreciable inductive reactive power
  & a non-since wave current. The standard range MPP capacitors are designed for systems
  where harmonics are not present.
Javic All PP Capacitors    
1] It is two layer film design. Conductive plate thickness is high compared to MPP Capacitors
  making the electrical stress very low.
2] Normal Stress on dielectric PP film is very low.
3] ALL PP Film Capacitors are impregnated with non-toxic low viscous stabilized impregnate
  under high vacuum. This result in impregnate fluid replacing air-pockets, due to the this
  capacitors develop very good partial discharge characteristics. This attributes of void free
  impregnation of capacitors eventually developing very good partial discharge
4] ALL PP Capacitors have the capability to bear harmonics and withstand high inrush currents
  owing to sturdy construction. Impregnated capacitors oil results in excellent heat
5] ALL PP capacitors have very low losses because of the absence of paper & consequently
  they have low temperature rise.
6] Power factor of the system remains unaffected for an appreciable period of time. Highly
  suitable for Automatic Power Factor Correction. An excellent selection for Automatic Power
  Factor correction.
7] Initial cost is higher compared to MPP Capacitors but its long life & consistent unchanging
  performance makes it cheaper.
 * LP- List Price inclusive of excise duty but exclusive of sales tax or any other taxes.
For Improved power quality and reduction in energy costs. Top  
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