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Air Circuit Breaker SACE Emax to IEC 60947 - 2 [Conform to IEC 60947 - 2]   [Product View]
  Air Circuit Breaker SACE Emax   Air Circuit Breaker SACE Emax   Air Circuit Breaker SACE Emax
  Air Circuit Breaker SACE Emax   Air Circuit Breaker SACE Emax  
    Switch Sizes
  [Download PDF] [25.75 kb]
    Switch Sizes
  [Download PDF] [25.75 kb]
Air Circuit Breaker    
The entire series of SACE Emax circuit-breakers is served by a single line of accessories that
  can be used in alternating current and direct current applications, and are always installed with
  out the need for any writing.
  The ease with which the accessories are installed makes modular fitting operations fast and
  safe, customizations as need envolve.
  The current transformers for the different rated currents of the release are very simple to
  change. Conversion kits are also avaliable for different terminal solution and version of circuit.
1] Shut opening / Closing release.
2] SOR test unit.
3] Under-voltage release.
4] Delay device for under-voltage release.
5] Geared motor for automatic charging of closing springs.
6] Mechanical signal of over current release operation.
7] Mechanical and electrical signal of over current releases tripped.
8] Electrical signal for circuit-breaker open / closed.
9] Electrical signal for circuit. breaker connected/isolated for test / isolated.
10] Contact for signaling closing springs charged.
11] Contact for signaling under-voltage release energized.
12] Current transformer for the circuit-breaker external neutral conductor.
13] Homopolar toroid for the earthling conductor of the main power supply.
14] Terminal box for fixed version circuit breaker.
15] Sliding contacts for withdraw able version circuit-breaker.
16] Mechanical operation counter.
17] Key lock or padlock devices in open position.
18] Circuit-breaker lock in connected-isolated for test-isolated position.
19] Anti-insertion lock for circuit-breakers of different models.
20] Padlock devices for fixed part shutters.
21] Compartment door mechanical lock.
22] Protection for opening and closing push buttons.
23] IP54 door protection.
24] Interlock between circuit-breakers.
25] Lifting plate.
26] Racking out crank handle.
27] Flange for compartment door.
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For Improved power quality and reduction in energy costs. Top  
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